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ACRO Automation Systems Implements Non-Destructive MIG Weld Inspection Station

Advanced Technology to Scan for Defects in Welds – Saving Time and Resources

Exciting, cutting edge technology is what drives our passion here at ACRO. Of the many projects we are involved with, one of the most exciting ones currently is the new system of automatic evaluation of welds on fully automated manufacturing lines. ACRO has partnered with Autis Engineering to create an automatic inspection station for MIG welds.

How does the automatic weld inspection station work?

The station works via sensors, which take snap shots of the part in question as it is revolved. This is similar to the process of a patient having an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), except in this case, the part is revolved and not the sensors. The sensors then take each image and combine them to form a full, 3D model of the part. The 3D model can then be analyzed via computer algorithm to ensure that it meets all the desired parameters of a quality product. The computer algorithm checks the weld in two steps:

  1. An initial scan that determines large defects with a low amount of computer resources
  2. A second scan that searches each weld in depth for smaller and hidden defects.

The images below show the structure of this high-function station and the evaluation output it generates.

Layout of the automated testing station



Computer generated pictures of a MIG weld

The following parameters were defined to determine a good or bad weld:

  1. No weld burn through or cracks are permitted
  2. No porosity larger than 0.180” is allowed
  3. No porosity in the first or last ½” of each weld
  4. No porosity allowed in welds less than 1” in length
  5. Welds from 1” to 5” – two pin holes of porosity allowed
  6. No weld skip or slag inclusions allowed

Huge Improvement in Weld Inspection Process – And Our Customers Are Loving it!

The automatic evaluation saves a massive amount of time and resources. Before the implementation of the automatic system, ACRO employees had to test via the cut-n-etch destructive test. Such testing has been deemed unacceptable in a live manufacturing environment, as the final product was destroyed in the testing process. The only other method of testing is to have an operator physically analyze each weld, which can be costly, time-consuming, and lead to human errors.

ACRO recently designed, built, and integrated its first fully automated testing station at a customer facility. The response has been extremely positive, with the same customer placing two more stations on order. The technology that ACRO provides for its customers holds great potential for future customers and their production quality.

If you would like more information on our weld inspection process or want to find out how our cutting edge technological innovations can help increase your business efficiency, let’s chat soon.

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