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ACRO Automation Systems Now Offers Flexible 3-Dimensional Laser Scanning High Speed, High Resolution Solution for Quality Inspection of Parts

Pedal ScanMILWAUKEE, Wis. (August 13, 2018) – Measuring and validating quality parts is an ongoing struggle for many manufacturers. Dedicated to using the most advanced technology that can resolve the toughest manufacturing challenges, ACRO Automation Systems has implemented flexible 3-dimensional laser scanning. This type of system can measure and evaluate countless variations of parts and assemblies.

Mike Loomis, president, ACRO says, “One of our most recent customer challenges was to inspect, measure, and qualify various parts of an assembly. ACRO partnered with Keyence to develop this flexible solution. The system has proven itself to be both accurate and reliable. It offers more features that can be used in future applications.”

The advanced scanning process involves a sharp line beam that is formed on the light-receiving element. This is achieved by focusing a short wavelength (405nm) laser to its maximum limit with a 2D Emostar lens. A stabilized, high-precision profile is generated. Also, the received light density for the laser has been increased to successfully secure a greater level of received light intensity. The ultra-stable profile allows for highly accurate measurement with all types of targets that are typically difficult to detect. Ambient light has no effect on this process; hence, it is ideally suited for industrial applications.

The scanning system is flexible and can function by being positioned near a moving part or move over a fixed part. When combined with a robot, the sensor allows the robot to scan the workpiece in any location or direction. This high degree of flexibility makes it easy for manufacturing operations to work on multiple part styles and models. No adjustments are required to be made to the system.

Datum SoftwareExplaining a recent implementation for a customer, Loomis elaborates, “To provide the most flexible solution, ACRO mounted the laser scanner on a small industrial robot. Automotive pedal assemblies were mounted to a pallet transfer system and as they came to the inspection station, the pallets were locked in place. During the inspection process, the robot moved the laser scanner over two assemblies for inspection. The first scan measured the relationship between two parts. After the first scan to measure relative distance, the robot moved the laser over the pedal pad to complete a second scan. This scan verified the pad’s position in all 3 dimensions. When quality inspection demands more than a simple vision system or the dimensional relationship of mating parts is critical, ACRO can develop a high speed, high resolution solution.”

About ACRO Automation Systems
Since 1936, ACRO Automation Systems has been a recognized leader in providing high quality customized welding and assembly equipment. Serving global OEM manufacturers, ACRO’s highly skilled staff of experienced professionals develop cost effective methods to meet some of the most challenging production needs. From lean manufacturing to flexible, robotic and high volume hard tooled systems, ACRO is your one-stop supplier offering complete turnkey solutions and single-source responsibility. The company’s extensive equipment applications include MIG, resistance and laser welding, robotic material handling, protective film scoring, pressing, joining, piercing, staking, assembly and testing. A comprehensive range of services include lean manufacturing consulting, project management, machine service, and training for customer organizations.

For more information about 3D laser scanning inspection solutions or any other welding and assembly related services, please call ACRO Automation Systems at (414) 352-4540 or contact us.

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