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ACRO Automation Systems Upgrades Cut & Etch Testing Process with Struers’ StructureExpert Weld-5

Cut & Etch HardwareMILWAUKEE, Wis. (July 27, 2018) – Recognizing the need to offer the highest quality of cut and etch testing, ACRO Automation Systems has invested in a dedicated imaging tool, the Struers’ StructureExpert Weld-5. Traditionally, cut and etch testing while necessary, is also known as destructive testing in the welding world. ACRO uses cut and etch testing to provide high quality, reliable products to its customers across a wide range of welding applications. With Struers’ inverted optical system, automatic lighting focus and calibration capabilities, the company is now able to provide its customers with an accurate and efficient method to measure weld beads. StructureExpert Weld-5 complies with applicable international directives and appurtenant standards. This tool is also very easy to use and customizable for many different customer specifications.

The innovative design of StructureExpert Weld facilitates easy, precise placement of the prepared sample. The advantage of the unique inverted optical system is that the sample surface is always the same distance to the camera. This eliminates the need to make continuous height adjustments and calibrations. With a single click, the operator has the information required to perform the necessary checks.

Cut & Etch TrainingWith this purchase, ACRO continues to make significant improvements in the welding and metal fabrication services it provides customers. Mike Loomis, president, ACRO says, “Fast measurement and inspection is critical for the speed and success of our customers’ welding requirements. While our cut and etch testing process has been always been carried out by highly skilled and experienced industry professionals, we are happy to take the quality of this process several notches up with Struers’ StructureExpert Weld-5. We are able to ensure maximum weld bead quality with precise and cost-efficient weld bead inspection, measurement, and reporting with this dedicated tool that does it all. It has helped reduce the measurement time by 10-15 minutes per weld, which is a significant time saving in the overall production process. Our team carefully considered and evaluated different tools before selecting the unique design and features of StructureExpert Weld-5. Offering our customers greater accuracy, efficiency, and control of after-weld quality assurance processes is a top priority, and we are happy to deliver it ongoing.”

About ACRO Automation Systems

Since 1936, ACRO Automation Systems has been a recognized leader in providing high quality customized welding and assembly equipment. Serving global OEM manufacturers, ACRO’s highly skilled staff of experienced professionals develop cost effective methods to meet some of the most challenging production needs. From lean manufacturing to flexible, robotic and high volume hard tooled systems, ACRO is your one-stop supplier offering complete turnkey solutions and single-source responsibility. The company’s extensive equipment applications include MIG, resistance and laser welding, robotic material handling, protective film scoring, pressing, joining, piercing, staking, assembly and testing. A comprehensive range of services include lean manufacturing consulting, project management, machine service, and training for customer organizations.

For more information about cut and etch testing or any other welding and assembly related services, please call ACRO Automation Systems at (414) 352-4540 or visit www.acro.com.

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