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ACRO Contracted to Design, Build and Install Premium Robotic Cell for Snap-On

Sophisticated Cell to Robotically Polish and Heat Treat Hand Pliers

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (October 01, 2018) – For an iconic, century-old brand like Snap-On, second-best is never an option. The company offers a broad array of unique productivity solutions – tools, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions, delivering confidence to those performing work of critical consequence. A year ago, this leading manufacturer started the process of conceptualizing the ideal cell for robotically polishing and heat-treating hand pliers. Assisting the company in its efforts was ACRO Automation Systems and its team of skilled, experienced engineers. Feeling confident about the close collaboration in this challenging project, Snap-On then awarded ACRO with the order to design, build and install this cell.

Mike Loomis, president, ACRO says, “ACRO will be working collaboratively throughout the project with Snap-on’s engineering team to best understand their proven polishing and induction processes. This combined effort will result in improved product quality and optimized cycle time. We were part of this project for more than a year before we received the actual work order. Prior to the order placement, the team worked together to develop the ideal cell concept for the various equipment. This type of partnership continues to fuel ACRO’s success in providing automated solutions for manufacturing.”

Expanding on the project, Loomis says, “Our team will be designing, building and installing a cell to robotically polish and induction heat treat hand pliers. The cell will process a variety of both cutter and long nose models.”

Snap-On’s products and services encompass thousands of premium hand tools, power tools, tool storage products (including tool control software and hardware), diagnostics, equipment and related accessories, electronic parts catalogs, warranty analytics solutions, business management systems and services, OEM specialty tools and equipment development and distribution, and OEM facilitation services. With 65,000+ SKUs in their product line and 2,300+ active and pending patents throughout the world, the company serves customers in more than 130 countries.

About ACRO Automation Systems
Since 1936, ACRO Automation Systems has been a recognized leader in providing high quality customized welding and assembly equipment. Serving global OEM manufacturers, ACRO’s highly skilled staff of experienced professionals develop cost effective methods to meet some of the most challenging production needs. From lean manufacturing to flexible, robotic and high volume hard tooled systems, ACRO is your one-stop supplier offering complete turnkey solutions and single-source responsibility. The company’s extensive equipment applications include MIG, resistance and laser welding, robotic material handling, protective film scoring, pressing, joining, piercing, staking, assembly and testing. A comprehensive range of services include lean manufacturing consulting, project management, machine service, and training for customer organizations.

For more information about induction heat-treating systems or any other welding and assembly related services, please call ACRO Automation Systems at (414) 352-4540.

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