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Germantown High School FIRST Robotics Team Explores “Deep Space” Theme with Sponsorship from ACRO Automation Systems

MILWAUKEE, WI. (June 10, 2019) – With its ongoing focus on engineering innovation, ACRO Automation Systems continues to support the local youth community as they attempt to creatively design and build new technological devices and applications. As in the past, this year too, the company has sponsored the Germantown High School FIRST Robotics Team #5096. Each high school team is given six weeks to design and build a robot to meet the challenge each year.

This year, the robot was entered into the Wisconsin Regional that was held at The UWM Panther Arena from March 28th through March 30th. Globally, The FIRST organization held 62 Regional and 100 District events over a 9-week period. More than 3500 teams participated in this exciting, uniquely challenging competition.

Mike Alburg, an ACRO engineer, served as one of several mentors for the team proudly sponsored by the company. This year’s theme, titled “Deep Space”, consisted of having the robots place a 19” diameter plastic “Hatch” with Velcro over an opening and then place a 13” rubber ball into various “Cargo” locations to gain points throughout the matches. To score additional points, the robot had to climb onto a platform before the end of the match.

Mike Loomis, president of ACRO says, “Customizing automated welding and assembly equipment to serve our customers’ needs is what we do here at ACRO. Innovation and creativity are cornerstones of our work in the technology field. We take pride in supporting this high school team and strongly believe that by investing in today’s youth, we are preparing them for the future of technology. Learning to push the boundaries of design engineering at this young age will get them started on a path of ongoing innovative thinking that will one day lead to ground-breaking technologies. The excitement throughout the FIRST Robotics event was palpable and the Germantown High School team put together an outstanding entry. We wish the team success and will continue to root for their future successes!”

ACRO is an industry-leading provider of high-speed custom designed and manufactured welding and assembly automation. Every process, every project the company undertakes involves innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality. Sponsorship of events such as FIRST Robotics demonstrates the company’s steadfast mission to promote design and manufacturing excellence. The company delivers automotive parts, appliances, and consumer products for manufacturers across the world.

For more information, contact ACRO Automation Systems at (414) 352-4540.

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